Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Sense Of Entitlement

Yes, this is a rant. Deal with it.

When did America turn into a country full of self-centered narcissists? Obviously not everyone in this country carry around these attractive traits, but it seems like more and more people are walking around with a self-absorbed sense of entitlement about themselves. These people feel the world owes them something, they take the things they have for granted and they expect to get things without giving first. They complain about any delay, inconvenience or restriction they are subjected to. Money, material goods, promotion and reward are expected, even though they do nothing more than the bear minimum.

So what/who is to blame for this? Have our self-centered gluttonous ways been super-charged and corrupted by a society that provides anything we want, whenever we want? Have our parenting skills actually diminished so far we can't even instill strong morals and work ethics in our children?

Most children grow up with a sense of entitlement. True, we've all witnessed the toddler getting what they want, exactly when they want it. This is acceptable due to their capacity of learning and understanding the world around them. Teenagers don't have this excuse. It seems most of them would rather drive their parents into debt because they need to have the latest fashion and technology available to them rather than earn it themselves by getting a job and buy it with their own money. Many do poorly in school because they expect every grade to come easily, and even worse they pass their classes with a social promotion doing little more than going to class. I'm willing to bet MTV has something to do with this. I've never witnessed such a powerful social cancer in my life (i.e.16 and Pregnant & Jersey Shore). Doesn't it make you feel good knowing these kids are our future leaders?

Don't think this stops with the youth of America. Adults are the worst offenders of being self-centered and non-empathetic to their fellow brethren. I need this, I want this, I deserve this. Get real people. Life's not fair and no one owes you anything. Your not a unique snowflake, your just an asshole.

Fear not people, there are still tons of amazing people out there in the world. Don't lose hope, just lose the attitude.

*This rant was induced by some douche bag driving like a selfish moron on the road while I was driving to work. The same night at work a couple of people came in late (I work at a bar) and wanted to order food after the kitchen was closed. They threw a fit until they got their way. I'm all about customer service and doing a solid for somebody, but why are they so special? No one else in the bar was complaining. It's midnight dude, make a run to the border if your that hungry.

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