Friday, October 29, 2010

Japan's Tourism Campaign: Powder Dash

The Japan Tourism Agency has gone interactive with an effort to fill their ski slopes this winter. Powder Dash is an online, social game allowing players to experience the true Powder that Japan has to offer. Players race through the course, doing tricks and going through gates – and are able to unlock different boards allowing them to get higher scores and greater distances. Players can also challenge their friends and keep track of who’s leading. The top three players are awarded special boards (red, black or silver chrome) but they have to stay on top of the ladder to keep these special unlocks.

Advertising Agency: McCann Melbourne, Australia
Creative Directors: Nick & Phil, James Cowie
Art Director / Designer: Giles Watson

Unfortunately, Powder Dash is the most creative part of the McCann Melbourne office's "Think Japan" campaign. Their use of parallelism is just a bit overused and unimaginative (I'm sure it will still quite effective enough). They should have taken their own advice to think, think, think!

Facebook Game
Think Japan Campaign

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