Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The BMW 5 Series Presents: The Spot

BMW is renowned for performance—raw speed and power. Now, it wants to highlight its innovation, too, in areas like technology, connectivity, and fuel efficiency. The 5 Series excels in the latter, getting 32 miles per gallon highway. To call attention to that, Grey created an aggressive, sweeping, but ultimately witty spot, heavy on the special effects. In it, a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker airplane swoops in, apparently to refuel a speeding BMW—but ends up refilling the driver's coffee mug instead. The viewer is meant to feel the car's visceral power but take away a message of efficiency—that 5 Series drivers will need a top off before their cars will.

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"The Spot" has great production, art direction, sound, copywriting, effects, ect.  But what about originality?  Does anyone remember the Shell refeulling the F1 Ferrari spot?  It was a long time ago, but not that long ago...

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