Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anna does Korea: Cup Noodle Diet Ad

Don't worry about it Anna, nobody from America will ever see it.  I promise...
Cup Noodle Diet: Skirt
Cup Noodle is diet food and made for women who want to get themselves into shape.
and this is low in calories, with only 120kcal per a cup. In order to raise interest in pursuing Cup Noodle in a diet, 
a image showing a girl naked below with a real skirt was installed in a telegraph pole.
and this shows the skirt was taken off by eating Cup Noodle.

Advertising Agency: Adrich, Seoul, Korea
Creative Director:Eun Myung hee
Art Directors: Hwang Dong-Eun, Yang Ji-Hyun, Hong-Ah-Ruem, Jang Yoon-Ho
Copywriter: Park Se-ra, Son Eun-Young
Photographers: Duke Lee, Lee Wook-Hyung
Additional credits: Choi Eui-Kyung, Jeon Jin-Soo, Sung Han-Seoung
Published: March 2011


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