Monday, March 7, 2011

Urban Assault Ride 2011 - Minneapolis


The Urban Assault Ride™ is the biggest bicycle scavenger hunt series in the nation! Here's how it works: You and your teammate will set out on a city-wide quest for 'checkpoints' on your favorite two-wheeled steeds.  At each checkpoint, you'll drop your bikes and complete a funky/adventurous obstacle course, then remount your bikes and hit the streets for more.

The goal is to complete all the checkpoints in the shortest amount of time. You choose your own route and checkpoint order. This means that the most clever are often the victors. Of course, it may also help if you can pull a mean big-wheel powerslide and fly across an inflatable slip-n-slide ;)

After your pedal-powered adventure, your team will cross the finish line and enter a massive celebration of New Belgium beer, bikes, and big wheels. The after party is just as much fun as the ride itself, thanks to the craziest raffle prize contest you'll ever experience. 

Price : Only $40 - 65/person! (Price increases two weeks before race day). Price jumps on 7/17! You'll get a 100% cotton t-shirt, New Belgium Brewing Zip Pouch by Green Guru Gear,  Jack Link's Beef Jerky, Clif Bars, lots of New Belgium beer, tasty snacks, donation to charities, and raffle ticket entries!

BEER, BIKES, and BIG WHEELS... you're going to love it!


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