Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Minneapolis Under Siege

Minneapolis has been taken by storm, literally. The city just survived the 5th worst (or epic) storm in Minnesota history.  The blizzard dropped 17 inches of snow over night. Snow Emergencies have been declared in a number of communities in the Twin Cities, local businesses were shut down and the airport was basically at a stand still during the brunt of the storm.  Its been interesting to witness the recovery of the snow laden city firsthand.  Parking is a disaster and streets have yet to be plowed.  With nowhere to put the snow, the city has been hauling the snow out of Minneapolis by truck.  The most devastating blow delivered by the storm was the destruction at the Mall of America Field; home of the Minnesota Vikings. The roof couldn't hold the weight of the snow and caved in late Saturday night. Thanks to FOX sports already having their equipment set up for Sundays game against the NY Giants there was some amazing footage taken of the roof implosion:

Not all was lost though!  The city is rapidly recovering from its snowy beat down, the Vikings get to play outside on Monday Night Football at the new TCF Stadium on the University of Minnesota's campus, and I get to go ski. Can't beat that.

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