Thursday, December 30, 2010

Introducing The Brussels Sprout Whopper

Burger King just introduced a "festive" brussels-sprouts Whopper in the U.K. for the holiday season. This Whopper is based on the original sandwich but contains brussels sprouts and Swiss cheese. BK U.K.'s culinary development manager, Paul Rowland, explains: "We believe that taste is king, and as such, we wanted to create a recipe that would challenge existing sprout perceptions, and genuinely make sprouts a flavor to be reckoned with." Those existing sprout perceptions were not very positive. In fact, brussels sprouts were recently voted Britain's most hated food. And reaction to the sandwich hasn't been kind either, judging by comments on BK's U.K. Facebook page. Writes one visitor: "I can't believe you've put those disgusting things on top of a delicious burger. That is a crime against burgers & you make me want to puke." Another says simply: "i hate you so much."

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