Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Minneapolis recieves a healthy dose of Primus

I was sitting at home last Friday night and decided to go fishing for a ticket to the Primus show at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis. I cast a shiny lure out on craigslist.com the day of the show and a couple of hours later I found a lonely abandoned ticket for a mere twenty spot.

The show was a refreshing blend of music, art and gymnastics (they had gymnasts performing in-between acts). Fitting for a tour labeled "The Oddity Faire". Les Claypool didn't disappoint at all. He ripped some amazing solo's and even indulged the audience by donning a pig mask while ripping on his home-made bass guitar. There was one over zealous fan who got the best of Mr. Claypool during the song Jerry Was A Race Car Driver. Les stopped mid-song to politely ask the fan to stop throwing cheese on stage by stating; "contrary to popular opinion, that's not very original. Please just keep the cheese to yourself". The fan had a clear need for a song from Primus's album Sailing the Seas of Cheese.

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