Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Gap Has A Brand New Brand

So Gap Inc. decides to meddle with their $4 billion brand and change their infamous blue logo into one that looks like an adobe training session. Maybe their trying to become a financial institution? Hedge fund? Not quite sure myself. Abe Sauer, a writer for Brand Channel has a nice take on the situation:
"Its [Gaps] classic blue-boxed logo is missing, replaced with a Helvetica Gap with a box perched behind the 'p' like a window.

Yes, after dominating the late 1990s and early 2000s, Gap has dropped its iconic logo in favor of something that looks like it cost $17 from an old Microsoft Word clipart gallery.

But ditching the classic logo, recognized by everyone, in favor of whatever that new monstrosity is, demonstrates a prototypical brand panic move. With things not going in its favor, the brand decides to change the one valuable element it has going for it.

Ironically maybe, the new logo is perfect for the brand. It communicates exactly the values currently embodied by Gap: A sense of being lost and a lack of clear vision and creativity."

Gap. Seriously. You work in the fashion business. Your industry is driven by creativity. Ditch the ad agency that regurgitates bank logos all day and hire an agency with some originality and a backbone. According to Interbrand's 2010 study, Gap is the 84th most-valuable brand in the world. Lets splurge a little.

If your experiencing any logo envy, just click here. It sure beats hiring a professional.

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